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I enjoy lots of different types of photography but one of my main passions is wildlife. Even as a young lad I always enjoyed watching wildlife in it’s own natural habitat. There is so much nature to be seen in and around Britain and you don’t have to travel far a lot of the time to see it.

Living in Staffordshire there is so much to see without having to travel for hours. In my home town of Cheadle you can see lots of woodland birds such as Goldfinches, Chaffinches, Blue tits, Bull finches and even The Great Spotted Woodpecker the list just goes on.

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Wildlife Photography in the Peak District

The Roaches situated in the Peak District where I spend a lot of time is a popular place with hikers and rock climbers, was taken on by the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust in 2013. This area is protected both nationally and internationally for its wildlife and rare wildlife habitats. Much of the land is covered in lowland heathland which is important for birds such as the curlew, stonechats and the Short-Eared-Owls these are just a few of the many species of wildlife to be seen.

The upland areas which are covered in acid grassland, marsh and heathers have many other species of wildlife that like this type of vegetation such as ravens, peregrine falcons, wagtails, mountain hares, red deer and the red grouse, this is naming just some wildlife in and around the Peak District.

Although the deer rut does vary each year depending on the temperature and weather conditions, October is usually a good time to see the red deer rut in the Peak District and in many parks and estates around the UK. During the peak of the rut you will witness different behaviour such as bellowing, mating and many fights which can be very dangerous if you get too close as the stags can get very aggressive.

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Wildlife Photography around the United Kingdom

I have had a few trips up to the Cairngorms National park in Scotland where I have had many hours photographing the mountain hares in all weather types. This is one of my favourite locations in the uk for wildlife photography, if you are lucky enough you may see other wildlife such as the red squirrel, crested tit and the ptarmigan. If you visit some of the lochs you will have a good chance of viewing the osprey in the summer months.

My trips also include going to south west Pembrokeshire where I have stayed on Skomer Island and its sister Island Skokholm. These are the best places I like to go to see the puffins I can sit for hours watching them as they are that close you can almost touch them. Many wildlife photographers and nature photographers visit these islands as the population of Puffins are very high as this is one of their grounds for breeding.

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